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I love reading. Unfortunately I also love ‘people watching’, and have one of the shortest attention-spans in the world; so when I want to read, I pretty much have to hide away in a silent, safe and warm place.

If you don’t require such a locale in order to enjoy a good book, perhaps this is for you:


This group of Spanish artists created public reading spots across “undesirable” areas of Madrid, where people could sit down and delve into a crime novel. I get the impression some ironic humour was involved…


Love these! They are just lovely to look at, that’s why they’ve been my desktop wallpaper for weeks now!

window and ladder (2008)

I saw an image of this on the BBC website a few days ago. It’s a sculpture/installation by one of my favourite artists, Leandro Erlich. He’s pretty amazing! My favourite piece’s of his work are La Plaza and The View, you should have a look at them on his website. He also has something currently exhibited at the Liverpool Biennial


I don’t know why I like these so much, I just do!

Seed Magazine is really cool, and recently ran this article with lots of pictures of science labs at night. The first few are of the Salk Institute, which is always nice to see…

Ok, so I really love long exposure photos… Seeing as I have a DSLR and we had to do a ‘digital media’ project this seemed the perfect opportunity to combine interests with academia.

My original idea was to create temporary spaces; i.e. i would take a photo of an open space, and build something in light, like a box or a building. I liked the idea that this would create a ‘space’ or an object that never REALLY existed. Each tiny part of it would exist in reality for only a fraction of a second, but through the magic of photography, they would all exist together.

Having spoken to Chris, I decided to go with ‘reconstruction’ using light. Although not all of the images worked out really well (they give away what the object is) I’m pretty pleased with how they look. The idea was that you have to try to figure out what the traced object is…

You can download the PDF of my final submission here although watch out, it’s pretty big…

Isn’t long exposure photography amazing? I love them, and I want to make them…

Click here for more!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is what I want my Digital Project to look like when completed:

Anybody fancy lending me £50,000 and a lot of expertise?! No. I didn’t think so… Anyway, I don’t fully understand what exactly this was for, but here is the bumph that came with the video:

“At the Venice Biennale, the mæve installation connects the entries of the EveryVille student competition and puts them into the larger context of MACE content and metadata. By placing physical project cards on an interactive surface, the visitors can explore an organic network of projects, people and media. mæve is designed and developed by the Interface Design team of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.”

Everyone seems to have an opinion regarding the US presidential elections. Everyone seems to hate John McCain; so in this spirit, check out this humorous little diddle…

Found this video AGES BEFORE MARK. Love it.

Just to clarify, Mark did not tell me about this. I found it myself. Mark fails.

I love the thought of constantly evolving spaces, which we may or may not ever be able to completely understand… I found this video, and fell in love with this hidden world. Enjoy…